New Products!


Easter has been a busy time for millan&co. Not only are we finishing off fulfilling orders from Life Instyle Sydney, I am also designing new products (often late at night after doing orders during the day)! You will often find me in the studio in the wee hours playing around with leather and new designs.

It can be tricky trying to do everything – run a business, look after children, keep the house looking half decent and looking after myself. It’s always a juggle but I am not alone, lots of women and men do the same. Thankfully, I have a supportive family, friends and baby sitters!

So here is a sneak peak at some of the new products on the way very soon….. Keeping with the leather theme – we have a new yoga mat bag design along with fabulous yoga mats (4.5mm thick and latex free) perfect for beginners to intermediate yogis. And for those that send to slip and slide around when practicing, our cute grip socks in a ballet design where the straps wrap around your ankle will help you grip when you need it.

For some more sneak peaks of new products, check out @millanandco on instagram.

See you there!


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